Friday, March 14, 2008

Case Solved!

And there they are!

(If you haven't read my first post from this morning, you may want to read that first!)

This picture was taken in our backyard just now. I took the kids outside and we started searching the backyard. I thought possibly Tabitha had gotten a hold of the keys and as the kids were playing out back just after we'd gotten home from our last outing that maybe, just maybe I would find them hiding out there somewhere. And lo and behold! But I cannot blame it on Tabitha. What I figure happened is that the keys were in my jacket pocket and after I had my meatballs in the oven for dinner, I went outside to pick some carrots. We still have LOTS of carrots leftover from our garden, that have been covered by a bale of straw all winter and I had a craving for some cooked carrots! And they were so yummy still! So anyways, the keys must have just slipped out of my pocket (unbeknown to me!) as I was getting some carrots for dinner! What a relief to have found them! And thankfully the electronic parts were not ruined from the rain yesterday!
For those of you unfamiliar with our yard, the bricks are part of a wall that houses our garden - I like to call it "Our Never Ending Project" since we (Rick) have been working on it for going on 3 years now! The bricks run the length of our backyard (quite long) with steps in the middle leading up to the gate that separates our backyard from our neighbor's behind us (we put in a gate cuz it was SO much easier than lifting our kids over and over and over it!) and then there is even a second layer that is still being built up and the ground evened out - when we moved in there was this small hill in the back and we didn't like it, so we did this and it is our garden spot - or at least, part of it is our garden spot (I planted in about 1/4 of it last year!) and hopefully in the next couple of months it will all be finished and we can have a much bigger garden this year! I can't wait!

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The Holloways said...

3 cheers for finding keys!! What a funny story! :)