Wednesday, March 26, 2008

6 Things

I was just tagged twice by my wonderful friend Christa (thanks a lot!)

6 Relatively Unknown Facts About Me

1 - In Junior High, I was given the nickname "Medusa" by the 3 boys that were on the yearbook staff with me. I never quite figured out why they called me this - I certainly didn't have snakes growing out of my head! I think it all really started after I got my first, and only, perm. But I always liked to tell myself that they were just immature boys who liked me, but didn't know how to express it in a positive way! :)

2 - For my 20th birthday (in Ecuador) I got a 2nd hole pierced in each ear. A few years later, while I was engaged, my sweet little brother Justin "Muffin" gave me a little lecture, basically saying "President Hinckley said you should only have 1 earring in each ear." He was 9. I argued that he should talk to his big brothers who had their ears pierced! But that night I took out my 2nd earring. I figured I was getting ready to go to the temple and needed to do all I could to follow the prophet. Thanks Justin!

3 - When I was in High School - I think my Junior year - I dated this guy named Jeremy for a few months. I never really liked him THAT much. After we broke up though, a friend and I would drive by his house late at night after getting off work at DQ, going real slow and blaring the song "Insensitive." I know, I know - DORK!

4 - I played the cello for a year or so in middle school. Then we moved out to Roberts and Rigby schools didn't have an orchestra, so I had to stop. But I took a semester of lessons while at Rick's (I think my roommates probably hated that semester!) and every now and then I have daydreams of playing and taking lessons again - reminds me of that "Charles in Charge" episode (I think it was that show!) where the kids mom pulled out her old cello from the attic - oh, it was horrible!

5 - My first job was working in a potato cellar, sorting potatoes during potato harvest. I did it for 2 or 3 years (only for 2 weeks each time) and I HATED it! It was cold - freezing cold - I had to get up like at 5 in the morning, and didn't get home until like 9. But it was good money and something that a 14 or 15 year old could actually get a job doing!

6 - I am the reigning Pac-Man Champion on one of my favorite websites! (vickysdeals) And I am very proud of that because for a few weeks I did almost nothing else but play that stupid game until I beat the score!!

And I Tag anyone who has not already been tagged and posted this on their Blog!


The Holloways said...

Jeremy?? We need to talk about this--it is all sounding SO familiar...

Anonymous said...

Which Jeremy was it? Gneiting?

Lisa said...

Nope - no Jeremy's from Rigby - he went to Skyline!