Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Look What We Made!

Saturday morning Joy called and told Rick that they had just taken Tristan & Braxton to Lowes for one of their Free Kids Classes, and they had had a lot of fun. So Gabriella and William hurried and got dressed and off they went. Here is a picture of them and their Periscopes that they made almost all by themselves!
Can you tell they are a little bit proud of what they did?! They had tons of fun and are so excited to go back to another class! And don't you just love their little aprons and goggles?
FYI: Lowes and Home Depot do these Fun, FREE kids classes once or twice a month. You get the apron and goggles free on your first time and you get a little patch (you can see William's) for each class you do to put on your apron, also a certificate.


The Holloways said...

Alright Lisa! I am off to check out the home depot / Lowe's websites to see about classes! I knew they did these, but just have never done anything about it! Thanks for the extra UMPH in going for it. What a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am glad they had fun. The boys cant wait to do the Goofy golf on the 22nd!

Anonymous said...

I love it, I will have to take Trey to the next one. I am going to check out the website!!

Christy B. said...

so cool, i'll have to remember that for the future!