Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fives . . .

1 - 5 years ago . . . I was enjoying being a first-time mommy to my very beautiful baby girl Gabriella, and still pretty much a newlywed wife. We lived in a never ending disaster zone (remodeling) and I was working 1 night a week at the Crystal Inn in Logan.

2 - 5 months ago . . . getting ready for Halloween, stressed and wanting to quit the preschool co-op I'd started, and dreading winter!

3 - 5 things that worry me . . . Am I a good enuf mother to my kids - Am I teaching them all that I should be? I worry about my husband's health, finances, being a good example and role model for my YW girls, and that some horrible thing is going to happen to one of my kids or hubby.

4 - 5 bad habits . . . I stay up too late sometimes and am a cranky, grouchy mommy all day. I eat way too much chocolate. I spend too much time on the computer and not near enuf on cleaning and organizing my home. I expect too much from others and I am too impatient with my kids!

5 - 5 favorite places I've lived . . . Cuenca, Ecuador; Wellsville, UT; Roberts, ID; Kennewick, WA; and American Fork, UT

6 - 5 favorite things to blog about . . . Gabriella, William, Tabitha, fun family activities, and anything else I think of!

7 - 5 greatest blessings . . . My family, the temple, the gospel, friends, and my extended family

Again, I tag anyone who has not been tagged already!

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