Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Day

My day started off with a call to Poison Control. (This wasn't the first time either!) Let me back up just a bit - I got to sleep in today! :) (Although, obviously, I shouldn't have!) Rick had gotten up early and left for work around 6, and I woke up around 7:45. A few minutes later, Gabriella came in and announced "William's on a stool and he got the chocolate marshmallows and figured out how to open them and has his mouth full of them and he ate 7 vitamins!" Wonderful. Now the recommended dose for a child his age, of 3 1/2, is 1/2 of a gummi bear vitamin - so if he really did eat 7 - that is 14X more than he should. My mind immediately flashed back to a morning where I'd woken up to find him with a guest's purse dumped out, and an open, dumped out bottle of blood pressure pills. Having no idea if he'd eaten any or not, I then spent the next 3 or 4 hours in the ER with him being monitored. Luckily everthing was fine. So today, fearing the worst, I call Poison Control and I could swear that wonderful lady was snickering. The worst that would happen, she told me, was he'd have a tummy ache and maybe throw up. And well, the mean mother that I am, I was kinda hoping he would have a little tummy ache and maybe learn a little lesson. But no such luck. He was totally fine.
So, we quickly got breakfast and were getting ready to take Gabriella to preschool, when the gal that I clean for on Wednesdays (in exchange for preschool) called and said I could have the day off! Of course, I was excited I didn't have to clean, but also bummed because I had nothing else to do to waste 2 hours. Sure, I could go wander around Target and spend more money on more things that I don't really need, but hey, they were a GREAT deal, but I just didn't feel like Target today. I went to start the van to let it warm up a bit and opened up the garage to see SNOW - lots of snow coming down - the kind of weather that I really HATE driving in. I went back inside, without starting the van, and Gabriella, who had just looked out the window, said "Mom, it's snowing really bad!" I think she was reading my mind! So we compromised and drove the few minutes to the library.
My kids LOVE the library! And it had been WAY too long since we'd been there. And at 9:30 in the morning, we had it pretty much to ourselves. We picked out some books and then the kids all cuddled up in the giant Luv Sac while I picked out some movies - I think that is their favorite thing about the library - new movies to watch!
As soon as we were home they wanted to watch The Magic School Bus in Outer Space, so I took advantage of that time and did some dishes and cleaned up the kitchen - it desperately needed it from yesterday! (I had 2 extra 1 year olds, so not much of anything got done!)
Then we had a bit of fun - we tried out a new recipe for No-Bake Cookies - no baking or cooking of any kind involved! The kids had a lot of fun with our little assembly line! Hopefully tomorrow I will get the pictures posted! Thanks for the fun and easy and yummy recipe, Joy!
Lunch time and nap time for Tabitha followed. William is outgrowing his naps and only takes them about 1/2 the time - he did lay down today but no sleeping. Gabriella practiced writing her ABCs and played Pollys. Then it was off to the Doctor for Tabitha's 2 year old check up and shots.
We arrived at the doctor's office right on time, only to be told that he had left 15 minutes ago to deliver a baby - those babies! Why can't they wait until the middle of the night to come? :) I knew the kids wouldn't last more than about 5 or 10 minutes being good - if I was lucky! So I asked them if they could go ahead and give my poor baby her shots while we waited for the doctor. I really hate having to hold my baby down while they poke her and her screaming! But a sucker cheered her up pretty fast and before she was done with her sucker, our favorite doctor arrived, fresh from delivering a healthy 8 lb 13 oz baby girl. Tabitha is still at the bottom of the charts for weight - 12th percentile, and is average on her height, so at least she is keeping steady!
Back home, Rick surprised us by getting home early! That doesn't happen very often. It was 5:15 instead of his usual 5:45 or 6 or later! Thanks Honey, you should surprise us more often! So we had dinner early, which everyone actually ate in a timely manner and at 6:30 we were all just sitting around in the living room - it was VERY weird! Normally it is closer to 7 before we finish up dinner and then it's time to get ready for bed. I wasn't quite sure what to do. But Gabriella solved that. She stole Rick's hat and began throwing it in the air, trying to get it caught on the ceiling fan! It is so amazing the things that keep kids entertained! Who'd have thought that a few hats and a ceiling fan would be the recipe for so much fun and excitement?! Rick and I even got in on it and within about 20 minutes we had all 5 fan blades holding a hat!
Quick baths - given by Daddy (thank you!), followed by a bedtime story and then bed. William, as usual, protested - he never wants to go to bed - "But MOM, PLEEESE! I'll give you a treat!" I love how he tries to bribe me!


The Holloways said...

WHEW! That sounds eventful and exhausting!!! But it does sound like you had a wonderful evening!!! I love it when my husband comes home early too! Nothing better!

Christy B. said...

i love your blog! so much fun. and it was a blast hanging out with you guys last night.

my blog address is:

hope you enjoy. and yay for being blogging buddies!