Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Birthday Surprise!

I decided that since this was the BIG 3-0 for Rick, that we needed something extra special. With help from his mom & dad, his boss, and Gabriella keeping the secret, he was VERY surprised!
The day started off with me and the kids making German Pancakes and taking him breakfast in bed - a rarity at our house! For lunch we went to The Italian Place (his choice) and had salads & sandwiches, then we topped it off with dessert at Cold Stone, where we all tried something a little bit different than what we normally have. (I have found another favorite in the Dark Chocolate Peppermint!)
Rick spent the afternoon tinkering in the garage - he is working on building a frame for a drawing he did in high school. And my afternoon was spent secretly packing for overnite and making the slide show (previous post!)
Then it was off to his parents'. Rick had previously arranged for them to watch the kids while we, just the 2 of us, went out for dinner - and I had arranged for a bit more! His dad was great - did just what I needed! He asked Rick if he'd like to see and help him with his latest project in the garage. That gave me the distraction I needed to move the kids overnite things from the back of the van to the upstairs bedroom. And shortly after we were on our way for "dinner."
We went to Gepetto's - a little pizza place that Rick had been told was "romantic." Well, rock music and MTV's America's Next Top Model aren't really what I would call romantic - but the lights were dimmed and there was a candle on each table. The pizza was very delicious!
When we got back in the van to leave I told him that there was someplace I wanted to take him really quick before we picked up the kids and I gave him the address in Salt Lake. Then I called him mom to "let her know" that we would be a little bit later picking up the kids that nite. Just to make sure he didn't suspect anything. It wasn't until we got to our destination, and Rick read the sign "Armstrong Mansion: Bed & Breakfast" that it dawned on him. "Are we staying the night?!" He was so excited! I said, "Well, why don't you see if there's a bag in the back of the van for us." And what do you know, there was!

The mansion was beautiful! I love old houses and antiques. And we got an extra nice surprise when we checked in - a complimentary upgrade to one of the nicest rooms! And it was very nice - I loved the King size, canopy bed! And the jacuzzi tub was SO relaxing! And breakfast was so good - we both ate way too much! Anyways, we both had a great time. It was something we will never forget and Rick is already ready to book it for our anniversary!

Our room - "June Bride"


The Kelley's Kingdom said...

What a fun day! That bed & breakfast sounds awesome. I may have to get the phone number & address from you for our anniversary!!!! I'm glad Rick had a great 30th!! Now he is OLD like me :)

Christy B. said...

what a fun surprise! i'm impressed that you could pull all that off without rick finding out! some day i hope to do something equally cool. :)

Rick M said...

thanks for the great bday surprise, babe. it was wonderful. you are so good to me.

by the way, christy, i'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. lisa did a good job keeping it a surprise, but she was amazed that i hadn't guessed what we were doing.