Monday, February 18, 2008

Here he is!

This slide show is dedicated to my sweet hubby - Happy Birthday! I had a lot of fun making this. First off, I figured out how to use my scanner for the first time! Then I got to dig thru my box of photos - so many I had so totally forgotten about - it is way past time to scrapbook! And I realized that we don't have that many pictures of Rick and the kids! Shame on us - but now I know to take more of those!
And the music to the slideshow - what can I say. I love Alan Jackson and this is one of "our" songs. I tell Rick that I want him to sing this to me at our 50th wedding anniversary party. I get tears in my eyes every time I hear it. And it was so perfect this morning - as I was up making him breakfast in bed - German pancakes - this song came on the radio! I ran in the bedroom and turned it on in there for him and cuddled up with him for a minute. My picture selection of his younger years was very limited - but I had a lot of fun looking thru his mission pictures and all the pictures of us as we were dating. And I had to put in the one with him and my Cousin Kristina on his shoulders - if not for her driving my car in the ditch, we never would have met! :) Ideally, the music would have fit the pictures, but I am out of time and it just didn't happen, so here it is - hope you enjoy!


Roy & Karen said...

How beautiful! We just heard that song on the radio ourselves. We love that song too. You are one lucky lady to have such a great hubby. And remember, he is one lucky man to have such a great wife!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK!!! You are so welcome for me running your car in the ditch and Ricky you are welcome for Cousin's phone number. Man, I am good!!! You guys are AWESOME!!! LOVE ya both, cousin

Christy B. said...

you did such a good job, i'm so impressed! and you have some really cute pictures in there, i love the one with rick looking at the camera and you're kind of laying on his shoulder. great job, you inspire me!

and by the way, you're pampered chef stuff came (hooray!) so i'll have to bring it to you next time we come over. soon, right? :)

Jen said...

Aawww! You two are so cute together. I'm so glad that you make each other so happy. Call me when you have a chance. I have something important I want to talk to you about.