Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Princess turned 5

Yep, that's right. My little miss Tabitha, my baby girl, is now 5 years old.

Why is it that 5 seems to be such a defining age? Maybe because the next step for most 5 year olds is going off to Kindergarten? And why is it that I had a harder time with her turning 5 than either of her older siblings? Perhaps, as I said, it is because she IS my "baby" girl. She loves to play that she is a baby, and talk like a baby. And then the next minute she is taking care of her babies, or her baby brother (who really is NOT a baby anymore!)

She had a great birthday - a birthday week, really. First a little party at Nana & Papa's house a couple days early. Then our little family party at home on the actual day. And then a few days later a party with a few friends.

Happy Birthday, Princess!

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Scott, Kelly, Liz, Logan said...

Happy Birthday to Tabitha! She is a cutie.