Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a good Christmas at home. We like staying home for Christmas - no worrying about travelling in bad weather, just nice and relaxed, making memories with the kids. And though we never go all out for Christmas like many people do, the kids thoroughly enjoyed it and were still spoiled! Rick's parents did come up and have Christmas dinner with us, which I took the easy route this year and we had Papa Murphy's Pizza, which we all thoroughly enjoyed - and I LOVED the easy clean up! (I'm not always that lazy! This was a first for me, it somehow felt wrong!! But I had just prepared a big turkey dinner for Thanksgiving!)

Here's Jackson, digging into his Santa Pancake -
our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.
He already ate the chocolate, M&M eyes!

Gabriella with all her gifts

My William Bug

the Princess Tabitha

Bubba with his favorite presents - Balls!

Just after we had finished opening all the presents, and were headed to the kitchen for breakfast, the doorbell rang. Opening it, we found a bag full of presents from Santa - one for each of the kids - guess they must have gotten lost in the sleigh so he dropped them off on his way back to the North Pole! Here's Gabriella with her bathtub Barbie.


Christy said...

what a fun christmas! i am already looking forward to next year-- we too are going to start staying at home for the big day. it sounds so nice to be in your own home, have your kids sleep in their own bed, and gather around your own tree.

your kids are as cute as ever. and hey, our babies must be around the same age :), lincoln LOVES balls!

Misty said...

I am loving all of the pictures and updates! It's good to see you and your cute kids again friend!

Jahaj Mandir said...

बटन दबाऔ उपर से क्या देखते हो,
अन्दर जाकर देखो ना,
मेरे ब्लॉग मेँ कितना असर
प्लिज एक बार देखो ना।।

Rick Meyer said...

Whoa...look how young they are.