Monday, February 7, 2011

My little Troublemaker!

As Rick was uploading some pictures tonite, we came across these that I had totally forgotten about:

(Yes, his head is stuck! and it was stuck GOOD! Just after we moved into our new house!)

And then there were these, that I SO remember:

My little Troublemaker started off Young!
But oh how I do LOVE him to pieces!!
How could I resist this sweet little face?!

(you can't see it, but his t-shirt says "Why I'm in Trouble" - it fits him SO well!)


Rachel Holloway said...

lol! That's too funny! :) He's a sweet looking little guy though--so I think that erases all the naughty stuff! :)

Scott, Kelly, Liz, Logan said...

How funny! That reminds me of my little boy. Especially the pictures of him crawling into tight spaces. :)