Monday, February 7, 2011

My Hubby's Projects

Since moving last August, Rick has been a busy man! He likes having fun projects to work on and I sure like coming up with them! (not that all of mine are that fun, but a woman has needs!)

First off - here is a picture of our new home!

Notice the little workshop in the back?
PERFECT spot for Rick - his own little man cave!

Here is the Princess Castle Bunk Bed that he made for the girls -
this is a project we had wanted to do for a LONG time!

And here is the finished project after I painted it!
Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we think
it turned out pretty good and are proud of ourselves!

A simple little project - shelves in the basement storage room -
HOW can people not have any shelves in their storage room?!
I had to have a place for all my food storage and our camping gear.

And his latest finished project - he built these small bookshelves
for each of the kids rooms to organize all their books & special things.

Next on the list, and already in progress, are 2 tall bookcases for the family room. We have a TON of books. Love Love LOVE books! And for years I have wanted some nice bookcases to put them all in (rather than piled up on my closet shelf where mine are or in the hall closet!) After looking at several not long ago, Rick decided it would be cheaper to build some and then we would have them just the way we wanted them, too! I am super excited (and a little impatient!) for them to be done!

I seriously don't know what I would do without a handyman husband!!


Rachel Holloway said...

i LOVE your castle bed. HOW CUTE IS THAT?>!?! (Gotta ask though, how you change the sheet? Isn't that hard to reach in??)

Rick sure is handy! We need to be neighbors so we can use his skills...and you and I can play together all day!

Scott, Kelly, Liz, Logan said...

You are lucky that Rick is such a handyman. That castle bed is adorable. Love it!

Irene said...

That princess bed is beautiful, and I think you did an amazing job painting it!