Monday, April 28, 2008

A stop at the Zoo

We made a fun, unscheduled, "spontaneous" (as Rick called it) stop on our way home to go the the Rolling Hills Zoo in Salina, Kansas. We had only been on the road a short amount of time - just over an hour - before we saw signs for a zoo & museum. Our plan was, we were going to drive about 10 hours on Saturday, stop overnight somewhere, then the other 4 - 5 Sunday morning, and be home in time for our 2 pm church meetings. So fun stops were not part of the plan. But we stopped anyway and had a great, fun morning at the zoo. The weather was perfect! It wasn't too hot, so the animals were mostly out and playing. Again, I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are a couple fun ones!

This one was taken outside of the big red barn where we saw chickens, bunnies, sheep, llamas, goats, and lots more! (and I learned that my camera has a timer!)

These two loved the giant turtles! Behind them is the Reptile House - there was an albino Burmese Python and a brown one, curled up all nice and cuddly looking - they just gave me the shivers and I couldn't wait to get out of there!
Like I said, it was the perfect day for going to the zoo! We stayed longer than we should have and ended up only driving about 7 hours that day, so we had a longer drive the next day and got home about the time that our church was ending instead of starting - oh well, we were all glad we stopped!

The day we were there, the zoo was having some extra special activities to celebrate Earth Day. The kids got free cupcakes, played some games, we got a big reusable shopping bag, a free tomato plant and a package of seeds to plant!
The kids loved the cupcakes, the games were dumb and corny, I've used my shopping bag a couple of times, the tomato plant was planted in the garden and I think it is now dead (guess it got too cold at nite!) and we will be planting the corn seeds this week!

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Rachel H. said...

What an awesome "pit stop". Seroiusly! And HELLO--YOU FINALLY PUT A PIC OF YOU ON THE BLOG--still as beautiful as I remember! Seriously--still so cute!

And thanks again for the shopping bag--can't wait to get my free one!