Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ear Infections

Let me start by saying I HATE EAR INFECTIONS!!!
Saturday morning when the kids got up, Gabriella said that her ear was hurting. I thot maybe she had just slept funny and that her earring was bothering her. That evening, she again said that her ear hurt a little bit. Hmmm. . .
Ok, if it still hurts in the morning we will see if Dr. Derrick will look at it.
Sunday morning came, Sunday afternoon came, and then Sunday bedtime came. And she again said that her ear hurt a little bit.
Ok, if it still hurts in the morning we will see if Dr. Derrick will look at it. (It was bedtime, I needed some quiet time!)
Less than 2 hours later she woke up screaming. My first thot was that she had a bad dream. And she said Yes, she had a bad dream. So we cuddled for a while and she was drifting off to sleep so I put her back in bed. I had barely gotten settled back in the recliner when she started screaming AGAIN! I raced back to the bedroom and she told me that her ear hurt AGAIN.
Ok, definitely time to do something about it. Derrick (my brother-in-law) checked her ears and sure enuf, she has an ear infection. We gave her some pain reliever, a promise to get some medicine in the morning, and she fell asleep sitting in the recliner, where she stayed all nite.

This morning I wake up to Tabitha tugging on the corner of my pillow. It was 6 AM - way too early! (Remember, we are at my sister's house still and all of us are sharing a bedroom) Tabitha did not want to lay back down in her bed, so I got her to lay between me and Gabriella. That only lasted a minute or so and then she started and crying and saying her ear hurt. Not another one!
Again we called on the good Dr. Derrick. He checked out her ears and confirmed my suspicions. A double ear infection! Another trip to the pharmacy for another bottle of amoxicillan.

Did I mention that I HATE EAR INFECTIONS?! Hate them Hate them Hate them!!
My kids have all had more than their share of ear infections. And I can't figure out why! I did everything I was supposed to do to help lower their risks: I breastfed all of them until at least 8 months old (one of them until 14 months!), I never smoked around them or had them around anyone who did smoke, and as infants I never put them on their back to drink a bottle. And still, after everything I could do, they have all had many ear infections. Gabriella had at least 3 before she was a year old. William had too many to count!! When he was about a year old, he got an ear infection every month, almost to the date! We had just gotten a referral for an ENT Specialist, and then they suddenly stopped for a couple months and then he got one again the day before I was supposed to be induced with Tabitha! The hospital called, telling me to come on in and have my baby and I said, Nope, Sorry, I have a sick baby that needs me. I figured, Tabitha was happy as could be inside of me, so she could hang out there a couple more days while I took care of one who did need me! And Tabitha has had probably 1/2 a dozen or more. WHY?!?!
Why isn't there some wonderful vaccine for ear infections? Seriously, I think ear infections are a lot worse than something like chicken pox!! And there is a vaccine for that!! Why?! (I have never understood that one!)
But on a brighter, more positive side, there is a doctor in the house!


Roy & Karen said...

Lisa, I feel for you. . . I myself had TONS of ear infections as a kid and they do hurt. My kids on the otherhand, I think have had 2 total among all of them. I hate having sick kids so I do understand that part. Wish I was there to help out. . . Like take you out to get ice cream or something with chocolate in it. YUM!! Hugs from me to you.

Anonymous said...

Cousin--so sorry about the ear infections. I so remember William's ear infection before T came! You have had more then your fair share, thanks for taking one for the team!! hahaha, i am so funny!!!! hurry and come back I am SO missing you!!!