Monday, April 28, 2008

Men At Work

Rick had a day and a half to spend in Kansas before we headed home.
This is how he CHOSE to spend it - Yes, Chose - it was all his idea!

Joy's house did not have a bathroom downstairs - but there was some of the plumbing set up for a toilet and such in the big laundry room. And putting in a bathroom down there has been on "the list" for quite some time! So when I asked Rick what he wanted to do Friday morning, he said he wanted to help put in the bathroom! No fun family outing for us!! My handyman wanted to get busy! I am so thankful that he is such a great handyman - being able to do just about anything around the house has really helped us out SO much! And I'm sure Joy is very appreciative, too!

I think Rick & Derrick made 3 different trips to The Home Depot to get everything, and Derrick ended up going back after we'd left for something else! They got all the plumbing for the sink and toilet hooked up.

Here is Derrick, showing off his fancy, schmancy toilet seat - you just give it one little push and it closes completely, and soundlessly, all by itself! Pretty spiffy!! He was laughing when I took this picture - either because he was just so excited about it or thot I was crazy for wanting to take a picture of it, I'm not sure which!

Great Job, Boys!

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