Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Rest of 2008

I can't believe the year is gone already!
Here is what the rest of the year brought us -

Nana & Papa came and spent Christmas Day with us. Overall it was a pretty calm and relaxing day. The kids got books - LOTS of books! And hours were (and since have been!) spent enjoying them! Here Nana & Papa are helping Gabriella & William with their "1001 Things to Spot" books. Love 'em - can't get enuf of these AWESOME books!
Santa sure made some happy kids on Christmas morning!

Gabriella and her much wished for "American Girl" doll, Alexis.
(What she doesn't know won't hurt her!)

William got the Fishing Game he'd been begging for.
Tabitha LOVES her Fur Real Kitty.
And she takes such good care of it.
(I can handle this kind of pet!)
The end of December also brought my birthday. The big 3-0 to be exact.
Honestly, as an adult, my birthday just really isn't that big a deal to me. And yesterday just was not the day! Very little sleep the night before made for a very grouchy birthday girl. Add to that the crazy hormones of pregnancy and that made for one very grouchy, emotional birthday girl!
Good thing we had gone out for my birthday dinner the night before! Tucanos - yummy!

The kids tried giving me some peace and quiet so I could TRY and get a little more sleep, but me and sleep just haven't been friends lately - wish I knew why!
They surprised me with "presents" they had made - pictures they had drawn, wrapped in holiday paper towels - it was very sweet!

And then - they even made me breakfast!
Check it out! - Honey Nut Cheerios, "toast,"a handful of dried cherries,
a mini Hershey's Special Dark bar, a single green M&M, and a candy cane Hershey Kiss.
I thot my day was getting lots better when my tennis partner and I made plans to play in the afternoon. It's been a month since we've played - way too long! And the Wii we got for Christmas (thanks Mom!) just isn't quite cutting it for me! It didn't dawn on either of us that the courts might be covered in snow - which they were - Sad day. I about cried (again).

We spent the evening at a neighbor's house, eating yummy food and playing Ticket to Ride, while the kids all watched a movie and played on the Wii. Kids were in bed at 9 pm (good thing they'd ALL had naps that afternoon!) and I was before 11 - no ringing in the New Year for me!

Hope everyone else had a great New Year!


Rachel H. said...

I am so sorry you had a bum day! NO FAIR!!! I was hoping for the best--especially on your big b-day! May you have a much better day tomorrow...even if it's not your deserve a good day to ring in a new year!!

Alaina said...

Happy Birthday! And I LOVE Ticket to Ride - isn't it fun? I've been practicing different strategies during this trip...

johnsonmommy3 said...

looks like kids had a good Christmas! When B got that fish game he played it non-stop!