Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Do

Ok, I admit it. Sometimes I am a lazy mom.

Tabitha and I were both downstairs.

She took something upstairs and didn't come back.

After maybe 7 or 8 minutes I went up to check on her.

A lot can happen in 7 or 8 minutes!


Like, um, giving yourself a new hairstyle!

Really, it could have been SO much worse! I did catch her before she got too far! Though according to her, she wanted her hair "to look like William's". That would have been BAD!

I have a neighbor that used to cut hair. So we went for a little visit and she was actually very impressed with how good a job Tabitha did on giving herself bangs! So she just trimmed and evened them up a bit. I am still getting used to it.


Rachel H. said...

yes, yes, yes! A lot can happen in that time. :)

She still looks cute though. Lets be honest!! :)

Christy said...

ha ha, that is so funny. she will look great with bangs. :)