Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Today has been an overall, pretty good day (aside from still not getting any sleep and a headache since last nite that won't go away!). Very relaxing - so relaxing that here it is 6 PM and I am STILL in my jammies! It feels great!

The kids were up around 7:30, I think, and helped themselves to breakfast while Rick and I were lazy and tried to get some more sleep - well, I tried - he succeeded!

Rick made me a yummy breakfast of eggs over easy and fresh fruit salad. Thanks, babe!

And then, he told the kids to get dressed, that they were going somewhere and it was a suprise from mommy. They ended up just wandering around Cabela's, looking at all the fish and fun stuff. He just wanted to give me some peace and quiet and time of my own. And I VERY much appreciated it!

Here is how I spent my time:

My very first baby pages scrapbooked!!
And it's only taken me 6 1/4 years to do it! :)

And I LOVE how it turned out!!
It is SO much cuter and fancier than any other scrapbooking I have ever done!
Thank you Thank you Thank you to Taryn for introducing me to scrapbook page packets!
Complete with everything you need and instructions on how to assemble it!

Here's another spread I did, just need to sort thru pictures more to fine the perfect ones of my Baby William to add to it. (Sorry it came out the wrong way, not sure why!! Just turn your head to the left, or your screen to the right!)
This one I did after Rick and the kids were home.AND after my 3+ hours scrapbooking, I spent an hour making a few new hair bows. My SIL Michelle taught me how over Thanksgiving (thank you thank you again!) and I've gotten some more ideas from a friend (thanks again, you know who you are!)

Here's some I've made in the last few weeks -
most of these went to friends of Gabriella's for Christmas gifts.
A couple of them aren't so great - I'm still learning!

So - it's a new year. Anyone make any New Year's Resolutions? Remember any you made last year? I sure don't remember if/what!! But I'd love to hear yours!

Here are a couple of mine for this year - nothing big and fancy - just a couple small ones!
1 - The dishes WILL get done! Ok, so yeah, of course they get done now - eventually! But now they are going to be kept up and done regularly! No more dishes piling up in the sink, stacked up on the counter, food drying and stinking. NO MORE!!! I actually started with this the day after Christmas and it's gone good. Been so nice to just take a few minutes after each meal or whenever and get the few there done. Rick's even more willing to help out this way!
2 - Piano lessons for Gabriella. She took lessons over the summer from a gal in our ward, but then when school started and she started dance class again, we quit lessons and I attempted to teach her on my own. That worked ok for about a month and then we just got lazy. We started up again over Christmas break and it just shocked me how much she had forgotten! So now that we are catching up to where she had been, we are going to keep up with it and progress!
3 - Scrapbook!! anything!
4 - Make lots more hair bows! Joy has just shown me a few fun websites with instructions on and I am excited to learn how to make some new styles!
5 - Eat more fruits and veggies. Just because I am pregnant, does not mean that I can eat all I want of whatever I want! I'd really like to keep my weight gain down this time (40 - 50 pounds with each previous pregnancy) to 30 pounds or less. And gaining 6 pounds a month (as I did this previous month!) is not gonna make that happen! So gotta keep those healthy snacks on hand for me and for everyone. I love how William has been asking for an apple almost every day lately - and that I have had apples to give him!

So there you have it - my 5 little resolutions!


Nate and Taryn said...

Productive day! I'm jealous the pages and bows look wonderful!

johnsonmommy3 said...

I to am jealous, but of the time to yourself! Rick really deserves a HUGE THANK YOU!!! Do you know what i would give for a couple hours of ME time? And the pages look great. I think i need to get busy!

Christy said...

first of all, happy birthday! and those bows are so cute. i've learned a little bit, but none of mine look near as good as yours! way to go!

Kim said...

I love those bows. I have been trying to make some for my little girl. What are the websites that you have? I haven't found very many. Looks like you had a great Holiday season.

tina said...

pregnant?? I've been gone too long...CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I am sad I am sick so I will miss our little week maybe.

nice resolutions and cute pages and bows. I could spend a little more time on all those things.

Scott, Kelly, Liz said...

Lisa, congrats about the new baby. That is very exciting news! Your kids are super cute.
I love the hair bows. Good job and developing new talents.

undejame said...

I've been meaning to write and say congrats on the baby! And nice job being super productive on New Year's and awesome scrapbook pages. I may have to find some of those kits 'cause um scrapbooking skills severely lack or maybe I'm just a procrastinator! You decide! The other Lisa