Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Off to Neverland!

Our theme for Halloween this year was Peter Pan. A little over a year ago, the kids saw Peter Pan for the first time and totally fell in love with it. I think it was on Halloween day 2007 that Gabriella came up with the idea that for next Halloween we all needed to dress as Peter Pan characters. William loved the idea and they have stuck with it. I was excited, and even Rick was willing to play along. Rick & I have never in our married lives dressed up (I think the last time I dressed up was in Ecuador 1999 - I was a tree - brilliant, I know, but hey, people do crazy things in foreign countries, right?).

And I had great plans of getting a headstart on costumes and having them done weeks before Halloween. HA! I admit, I was still putting little finishing touches on Rick's costume, oh and yeah, I had to make his hat that morning, too! I have seriously done more sewing in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 10 years! And you know what? It was actually fun! Stressful at times (like making up my own patterns for certain things, or doing lots of size adjusting), but fun.

So here is our sweet little Tinkerbell - ready to fly away. Originally, I'd had great thots of a fancy dress for her, but then I just wimped out and took the easy route. Made a simple skirt and put it over a tinkerbell green onesie she already had (thanks for the idea Joy!)


Peter Pan - he loved his costume!

Gabriella LOVES her new nightgown! Thanks to Nana for doing the buttons! (a skill I have, unfortunately, never learned!)

Wendy - ready to fly away

Being silly goofs

Pumpkins didn't officially get all done until AFTER Halloween - oh well.

And proof that Rick & I were indeed there, and dressed the part!
(Sorry it's so dark - but that's what happens at night! Rick even has a wig on)
Oh and I must say that Rick made his own hook - and was very proud of it!

Tiger Lily & Captain Hook
Wendy, Peter, & Tink
Halloween 2008


Rachel H. said...

what adorable costumes!!! As far as envy goes, I am ENVIOUS that you are SO talented... :) Wish I could make our own costumes!!

The Kelley's said...

That is a cute idea, especially for a cute family like yours!!!

Roy & Karen said...

You all look great! I have to give you a pat on the back for a job well done. Look at the hidden talent you discovered! What's next, fancy, schmancy Christmas dresses and matching ties for the boys?

Anonymous said...

what awesome costumes, You did GREAT, great job cousin. i am so please of the great hard work you put in to do those costumes. LOVE THEM. cute family too!!

Misty said...

That is adorable!

Christy said...

you guys are THE CUTEST!! you got the whole peter pan gang! i seriously love it.

Jan/Mom said...

Lisa...those kids were the cutest things ever on Halloween. Tabitha melted my heart, and yeah...well you know what that little William does to me!! :)
You're family is darling!! :)