Sunday, November 9, 2008

Because I have been given much . . .

I too must give.

As I sit here enjoying the quiet, no noise but the hum of the dishwasher (Rick & kids are at church, while I am on day 6 of being miserable), I want to share a blog with all my fellow blogging friends.

My new friend Taryn brought my attention to the plight of this family.

Since becoming a mother, any stories like this just tug at my heart. I always wonder, "What if this were us? What if everything was happy and fine in our life and then suddenly we were brought down with some horrific thing?" Rick, always the calm, nonworrier, just assures me, as he did last night as I was reading this blog and wondering the same thing aloud, "We'd get through it." Well, yes, somehow we would, for better or worse, as everyone who goes through these things does, but still.

So thank you to Taryn for posting this on your blog and letting me copy you (title and all!). And even though I feel as if my small donation really won't make any difference, in the end it will. All those little ones add up and that is how miracles can happen. So please everyone, check it out, post about it on your blog, donate what you can, and let's all hope and pray for the very best for sweet little baby Mia, that she gets her new heart soon - VERY soon.

And check out the awesome items you can purchase, with all proceeds going to this family! Taryn is the one doing the scrapbook pages - I have seen her scrapbooks and they are AMAZING!

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