Friday, November 14, 2008

A Few Random Things

You have got to check out this blog!!

It totally cracks me up! Just know that it is all totally made up, in a way I find it making fun of how a lot of people are. Start at the beginning, so you are not totally lost, like I was at first, and remember, it is all completely for fun! And have a good laugh!

Rick & I went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory last nite - yummy! I am so in love with their chicken quesadilla appetizer! Try it - Love it - Crave it!

My kids are crazy. Good crazy. Make me laugh crazy. William and Tabitha lately love to play that they are getting married. He puts on a cape and she puts on a little white leotard with a tutu and calls it her "wedding dress" and then she wears it all day, wherever we go. It's cute - Gabriella and William used to play that they were getting married, and now that she is gone all the time, it is Tabitha's turn to be the little bride.

I am amazed at how much energy they have first thing in the morning. Watching them running around around the circle from the kitchen, thru the dining room and living room, first thing in the morning, laughing and screaming (good screams) makes me even more tired than I already am at 7 am - but I love that they are so happy and having so much fun together.

I think they have finally adjusted to the time change. Getting up at 6 was no fun at all.

I paid $69 yesterday to learn that we not only have hard water, but that we have VERY hard water, that is ruining my dishwasher. Wonderful. Thank you, Maytag Man.

Since we had a half hour wait at The Cheesecake Factory last nite (not bad at all, we've waited over an hour before!) we started wandering the mall. First we got free herbal drinks to help with weight loss. In 12 weeks it has shown to lower the weight in average sized men. Wonderful - what about the bigger than average sized man? Next I got one of my thumbnails partially buffed and shined by an amazing, magic buffer. And since I am SO CUTE (she was really a great salesgal!) I could have that magic buffer for only $10. Thanks. I'll think about it. And last of all, the best part - we played doubles tennis together! On a WII - and um, sadly, I think Rick might have beat me. We were on "Add-In" which means that it would be his game point (he was serving) and then he would have beat me by 2. But if I had won the serve, we would have gone back to "Deuce" and then had to battle it out all over again until someone beat the other by 2. But anyways, we had to go. Our 30 minutes to wait was about up and I did not want to miss our table! I was hungry. So we called it a tie. Fun stuff.

And one last thing - my husband likes to play "ironing beads" as we call them. Those little perler beads that you put on the little shapes and make some pretty thing, then you can iron them and have your nice, pretty shape. Anyways, Rick loves playing them. With the kids, or alone by himself - yes, it is true! And I had a picture to prove it, or him, playing ironing beads alone, but he stole my camera and deleted it. What a stinker!

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Misty said...

My kids like to pretend they're getting married too. We have a dress up wedding dress that was a hand-me-down from a neighbor, and then Madelyn puts on a cape. (Elizabeth is almost always the bride, because she's older and more bossy, go figure)

Also, I LOVE Seriously So blessed! It's a great reality check. The first time i read it, I thought she was for real. Then I figured it out. It is absolutely hularious.