Monday, October 6, 2008


August & September William played soccer on one of the city teams. I don't know if it's just our city or our county or what, but here, soccer is HUGE! Everyone plays soccer - made me feel kinda bad that I hadn't signed Gabriella up for it, too. But on the other hand, I think she does enuf stuff for now and William really needed something of his own to do - or so I thot. But I know now that he just isn't ready for stuff like this.

First Game = ALL Smiles
Ready to play & Happy to be there

By the last game (8 in all) it was a completely different story. He did NOT want to go. "Soccer is boring!" We were lucky to get him to play about a whole 3 minutes of that game - but from the picture you can see below, he REALLY wasn't into it! He just wanted to be his goofy little self!

He made us laugh so much as we watched him play! And it was made very clear that my son is a pansy boy. Yep. (not like we didn't know that anyways, but now everyone we played soccer knows it too!) He cannot run. He had such a hard time trying to keep up with that ball. As soon as he'd catch up to it, the other kids would be halfway down the field, going the other way. But he really gave it a good shot - until that last game. Most of the time he'd just be out there in his own little world, making faces, or putting his fingers in his mouth or something silly like that. I think I would have to say that his very first game was his best - especially since his team hadn't had a single practice and he really had no idea what he was supposed to be doing out there! They put him in as goalie at one time and he made the best save ever! He really pounced on that ball! And sadly, there was a slight um, video camera malfunction (videographer malfunction is more like it!) and instead of getting the great play saved on film for all of posterity, all we got was a bunch of grass and then blackness. (Good try, honey. I think next time I'll put myself in charge of the videoing.)

Ok, so I just noticed something about this picture below - check out his feet!! Is he about to trip himself up here or what?! What a crazy guy - he always has been a bit clumsy!

Most of all, I think he just loved playing with the nets.
Way to go, William! Good try! We're proud of you!


Anonymous said...

we we have to have Braxton give him some pointers!!!

Christy said...

what a cutie! it's funny how kids are SO different from each other, even so young.

Misty said...

How cute! I'm sorry you didn't get that save on video! I'm sure he'll get into soccer more when he's older. Or maybe he won't, and that is fine too! :) Cute update!