Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How do YOU do it?

So lately I am feeling SO overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated by all the clutter. Clutter everywhere! In the kitchen, in the bedrooms, downstairs, the garage, bathrooms, EVERYWHERE! And as much as I'd really like to blame it on 3 kids and a husband (much as I love them!), I can't. I know that most of it is really, truly my problem! (Except for maybe the garage.) Sure there are toys and clothes and that kind of stuff and true I cannot, nor will I, keep my kids things cleaned up for them, they have to learn to do that. But how can I really expect them to when my room, my stuff, is just as bad, if not worse?!

I think one of my biggest problems is papers. Gabriella brings SO many papers home from school. William brings home a handful, too, but his mostly go in a binder. I have told Gabriella that she can choose her 1 or 2 favorite papers each day to keep and those are to go in her box under her bed. The rest I have been tossing in the recycling box. But there are still SO many - papers, magazines, mail (good & bad), coupons, etc, etc! And I just end up with piles piled up all over my long kitchen counter (which, sadly, is where most everything seems to get dumped!)

So please, I need help!! What do YOU do to keep the daily clutter down? How do you keep it from building up? How do you keep it at least somewhat organized?


Nate and Taryn said...

I don't. I don't at all, so if you get the answer you must share:) I'm horrible with papers and I don't even have the excuse of kids at school, on top of that I'm horrible with my clothes...There's not enough room but I "will wear it someday" so I don't try and there is a pile at the bottom of my closet and a pile in front of my dresser...then when I do try I just get frustrated! It seems there will never be "enough" room.

Rachel H. said...

one suggestion was to move to a bigger house. :) jk

I am totally having this issue right now. It's driving me nuts! I feel like LIFE threw up all over my house and no matter what I do, it will never be clean!

Am anxious to hear what suggestions you get...I need them!

Anonymous said...

My answer is I have no clue. bummer huh?? I try to just throw it ALL away but somehow it keeps coming back, and I don't know why!!

Misty said...

no clue, I toss most stuff, but I don't have kids in school.

check out She might be able to help you out!

Anonymous said...

have you ever thought this could be hereditary?????
About the school stuff- My boys semm to think i should keep it ALL- so i will put it in a neat pile and take it to my desk downstairs to be filed and it gets filed in the trash

Anonymous said...

one more thing- i have heard/read to only touch your mail once, so if its garbage toss it and if it needs to be paid, pay it!