Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Years

Happy Anniversary to us!
Yesterday, October 12th, marked our 7th wedding anniversary.

7 years, 3 kids, 2 houses, 6 vehicles, 7 jobs, and lots of fun times!

Here are just a couple of my all-time favorite picss of the 2 of us.

This picture was taken at our friends' John & Jennifer's reception.
I was a bridesmaid and Rick came to see me (he didn't really know J&J yet!)
I love his goatee and I've always liked how I look in the pic (very rare!)
And afterwards we went to Pizza Hut and he told me that he
loves me - for the first time - aawwwww.

And this was a month or 2 later, at my grandparents house
celebrating my Grandpa's birthday (I think!)
I was feeding him Mud Pie - his favorite!
And I just love how we are laughing and having fun in it!
And that he is wearing his Superman shirt -
he has always been, and always will be, my Superman!

Thanks for 7 great years, Honey Bunches! Love ya!


Rachel H. said...

You are a great couple! Happy 7 years!!

Christy said...

both those pictures are so cute of you two! happy anniversary! it's crazy to see what y'all have done in only seven years. especially the seven jobs--wow.

Anonymous said...

i remember that day in the park.....congrats on 7 years!

tina said...

Congratulations..So cute. Love the pics.

Rachel said...

Lisa! I just found your blog and it is so fun! Your kids are adooorable! Can you believe it's been like nine years or something since Ecuador?!? Thanks for sharing your little family! :)