Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yard Sales, Pizza, and Balloon Animals

Yesterday, Saturday, we had our first Yard Sale of the year. We normally have 2 every summer - one at the beginning and one at the end. My backyard neighbor Amie joined me, as always, and a couple other neighbors brought a few things over as well. The weather was perfect! Nice and overcast and not too hot. It went pretty good - we made about what we normally do. But I know that I really overdid it this weekend! By 11 am I was feeling so worn out. And not feeling too well, either. William's had a terrible cough all week and we got him started on some meds first thing that morning, and I am afraid I am getting it, or something! Though I am feeling quite a bit better today actually.

We ended up going longer than normal with our yard sale, and it was 4 in the afternoon before we were all finished, everything packed up and a load taken to the D.I. Time to think about something for dinner! And with the way I was feeling, having to be up and fixing anything really did not sound fun - I wanted nothing more than to sit - sit and be catered to! So, since we both had gift cards to a pizza place we'd never been, Amie and I decided that going out for pizza was the perfect end to our day!

Brick Oven Pizza is pretty much right on BYU campus - it was huge inside! And SO yummy! Our family had the Deluxe Chicken Alfredo pizza and salad bar with it. I think it was the best, yummiest pizza I have ever had! (which reminds me, the one remaining piece is in the fridge - snack time!) But the best part of all, for the kids anyways, was that there was a balloon twister making the rounds.

This guy Jeremy is AMAZING!! Totally blows away the simple little dog I can make! But then again, he has been doing it for over 6 years! And does it seriously, too! Here he is working on William's awesome Triceratops!

Here's all the kids with their balloon creations: Zach has a Nimbus 2000 Broomstick (can't see it all, but it was awesome!), Madison has Tinkerbell, Gabriella has Aerial, Hannah has a dalmation (no spots, she had to draw those on herself!), Annalise has an awesome Cinderella that made Tabitha completely jealous - her Tinkerbell wasn't big enuf! And William and his Triceratops.

It was a fun, and very relazing evening! Delicious food (that I didn't have to fix!). And as soon as we got home it was bedtime and I got to lay on the couch and put my feet up and just relax!


Anonymous said...

We had pizza too but it was just papa johns 5.99 carry out special!

Those are some great balloons!

Christy said...

fun! and remember how you're FOUR DAYS away from your due date?!? crazy! i can't wait to see the little one... and i'm pretty sure you're going to beat me. :)