Sunday, May 24, 2009

Graduation Time!

This past Thursday was William's Preschool Graduation. I can't believe my little boy is ready for and will soon be starting Kindergarten! He has learned SO much in his fun little preschool. I admit, I was a bit worried about what he would learn, since this was a "cheap" preschool. But I have been impressed with SO much of it - I would recommend The Wooden Cottage to anyone!

The kids put on a nice little program (of which none of my pictures turned out since the camera was on a wierd setting - oops!) showing off what they have learned this year and singing lots of cute little songs. Then they got ready for their graduation march. His teacher, Mrs. Geanna (or Mrs. G as William likes to call her!) had these cute little caps and gowns for them to wear - complete with tassels! It was so cute watching each of the kids walk in and get their diploma from her!

Mrs. Geanna, William, and Miss Carrie

Ok, cute little story here!
This little girl is Lily - and I had never met her or even heard anything about her from William. But her parents came up to us after the little ceremony and said they had to get a picture of William and Lily together, because Lily said that he was her boyfriend. And she would talk about him almost everyday after preschool - telling her parents how William had told her that her hair looked pretty or he liked her shirt or something sweet like that. Her mom said that often Lily would say things like, I need to wear this shirt today because William really likes it. Or, I want my hair fixed this way because William says it is pretty. TOO STINKIN' CUTE! He is VERY nice and sweet with his compliments like that! Always telling me and his sisters that we looked pretty. If you ask William, he has 8 girlfriends. But he can't remember all their names!

Gabriella, the proud big sister, and Tabitha.
We let Gabriella miss part of school to come to the graduation. She said "I've never been to a preschool graduation before!" She was thrilled.

Congratulations, William!
You have done a great job and learned SO much!
I know you will do wonderful in Kindergarten!

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Congratulations William! You are getting so big!