Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday's Catch-up

The last 2 weeks:

1 - Gabriella had another dance competition last Saturday. Her team did great again, placing 1st and 4th and she got to bring home another trophy. She was one happy little dancer.

2 - Rick participated in his first ever mini Triathlon. And I did not get to be there (see #1). But he accomplished his goal - he finished! Swimming 300 meters, biking 11 miles (half of that being uphill) and running 3 miles took him just over 2 hours, finishing 2nd from last. I am so proud of him for doing it and for not giving up! And he is thinking he wants to do another 1 or 2 this year. I even told him that maybe I would do this one, The Icebreaker, with him next year. Maybe.

3 - William has been learning about the weather, volcanoes, the letter V, and much more at preschool. He loves telling us if it is just breezy, instead of windy, or if it is a blizzard instead of just snowing outside. And yes, we've had snow off and on all week - yucky yucky, blizzardy snow! What happened to spring?!

4 - I have just started my next fun sewing project - I am SO excited! Something fun for the kids - was going to be a surprise from the Easter Bunny, but they've all got a glimpse so it will just be a surprise from Mommy in their baskets. (I will post pictures later!)

5 - Tabitha didn't want to go to sleep tonite. First her kitty kept meowing loudly. Then she insited on a drink. And then she kept hollering "MOM!" until I hollered (quietly) back "What?" and she asked (holleringfrom her room to me in the lving room again) "Are my cousins in Lehi?" She is such a crazy little nutcase!

6 - I only have a week and a half working full-time left. And I am both excited by that and kinda bummed too - it's really been a lot of fun. Nites are still hectic, trying to cram everything in with the kids in just a couple of hours, but I've really enjoyed it.

7 - I did some awesome multi-tasking while listening to conference today! First, Gabriella helped me do some cleaning/organizing in my "messy room." Christmas and Halloween is officially put away - completely away!! Next I put away lots of canned foods and boxes of cereal in the storage room. I get lazy, I get in a hurry, and I just toss the bags in, or pile up the cases of canned foods. So it really needed some attention. I have 41 boxes of cereal, 2 cases of black beans (1 that I didn't know I had), a case of tomato sauce I didn't know about and I am completely out of peanut butter! AND I got all the material for my kiddos surprise cut out!

8 -Rick got a job!! (Sorry, thot I had already posted about that, but guess not!) We were lucky - very lucky. He was only out of work for 2 weeks and then started working for Franson Civil Engineers. For now it is just a temporary position, about 3 months they said, but it could very well end up being permanent if they get some big projects they are bidding on and/or they see how awesome of an engineer he is. And lots of perks - higher wage, closer to room (right down the street!!! He can ride his bike if it will stop snowing!) and HEALT INSURANCE!!! That will definitely come in handy. And he says the bosses are better, employees are better (a few were buddies he studied with at USU), and the work is more what he has wanted to do - "Cooler projects" he says.

9 - Tabitha cracks us up with how she eats apples. Most people eat apples going around the core. Not her. She starts in one spot and digs in, going right into the middle of the apple. And she will eat it ALL. She got very upset with me today when I picked up the half of a core that was left and tossed it in the garbage, thinking she was done. Nope. She would have eaten that half of the core, seeds and all. What was I thinking?

10 - My baby is kicking. A lot. And I LOVE it! Sometimes she/he gets so active and moving so much that just by looking at my covered tummy, you can see it moving. (I'm sure anyone who has been pregnant knows what I'm talking about!) I just love it - like right now. It is just fun and makes me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

I have the BEST solution to your black beans.....BROWNIES!!! I made and we loved them! Try them out or send the beans to me!!!!