Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catching Up: Easter

We had a fun Easter weekend. Saturday morning we spent at 2 Easter Egg Hunts - one the city put on (not too fun - way too many people, cold and drizzling, and not near enuf eggs for the kids - oh and Gabriella had a little squabble with a boy in her class over a little blue bunny - the boy won and Gabriella's basket broke - not a good way to start off the big hunt!) and then one put on by our backyard neighbors which was tons of fun! Way too many eggs and treats for the kids! William's and Tabitha's baskets were full within 5 minutes so they started filling up a plastic bag! The hunt was followed by a hot dog roast. Lots of fun!

Here's the kiddos, Sunday morning, after getting their baskets
and finding all the eggs and candy left by the Easter Bunny.

Proudly showing off their capes I made them (you can see the
other side in the top picture - reversible! Thanks to
Rachel for the fun idea - they are loving them!)

Ready for church!
and even on time at 9 am!
(Thanks to Nana & Papa for the beautiful dresses!)

Ready to take off!
(wearing new spring outfits from Grandma!)

Sunday evening we went to Nana & Papa's (Rick's parents) for dinner and yet ANOTHER egg hunt! Rick's brother Ross and his girlfriend Kari were there and the kids had lots of fun playing with them, climbing a tree and running around in their new capes - until Gabriella wiped out. :(

Sunday was a gorgeous day, but a couple days later,
we woke to this! Hello Spring Break!

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Anonymous said...

Good job on the capes! Looks like they had lots of fun with them.