Sunday, February 1, 2009

Technical Difficulties

So I was already tonite to come and upload pictures taken from Tabitha's 3rd birthday today, and blog all about it, but my computer/camera is having some kind of PMS or something. It's connected, but just not finding it. I've spent about an hour trying different things and nothing is working!! So the pictures and birthday news will have to wait!

But until then, here is just a sweet picture of my adorable little girl!! It's about a year old, but I just love it! And I can't look thru anymore - looking at "old" pictures of her just makes me realize how big my baby is! And in my wonderfully emotional pregnant state if I don't stop now, the waterworks will be in full force! She has grown SO Much in the last year alone!

Tabitha Rose - you are the sweetest little thing EVER!!
We love you SO MUCH!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tabitha!! I can't k believe she is three. I wish you luck this week. miss ya all ready!!

Christy said...

happy birthday!! she is SOOO adorable.