Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tabitha's Birthday Pictures

Finally got the kinks worked out with my computer/camera - so here are just a few pics from Tabitha's birthday party at home.

We also went out to dinner with Rick's family a couple nites before to celebrate. His sister Melissa, 2 of his 3 brothers, Ross and Ryan, and Ryan's girlfriend Stephenie, were all here visiting. We all went out to Tucanos - a delicious all-you-can-eat (make-yourself-sick) - Brazilian restaurant. A couple of Rick's cousins joined us and later some more relatives stopped by, so it was a fun night. And Tabitha was really spoiled by all of them!

Cupcake in one hand, giant waffle cone in the other =
1 Happy little girl!

I took the easy route and made cupcakes instead of a cake
And then the kids got to do their own decorating.
And they all loved it!

This is Tabitha in her new dress up outfit from Rick's family.
She loves it!! She INSISTED on wearing it as a nightgown the first 3 nites and with her new crown on she calls herself "Fumbelina" - it's so cute! Not sure where she got the Thumbelina idea, since it is not a Thumbelina dress or crown, but that is who she is when she wears them together! What a cute little pose! She keeps talking lately about "when I get to go to dance class." What a little princess she is! Now, as a mother, I know you are not supposed to have favorties, but is it ok to have favorites at their different ages/stages?! She is most definitely the cutest, funniest, silliest little 2/3 year old that I have had!

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Grandma said...

What an adorable "Fumbelina"
Aren't little girls fun? And everybody looks so dedicated to their cupcake decorating! I bet they had a blast!