Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another fun Kid's Class!

This past Saturday the kids went to their 3rd Lowe's Kid's Class -
and they had a blast, as always!

William was working SO intently on hammering in the little nails

Rick & Aunt Laura helping them out

The Finished Project!
Gabriella & William look forward to these classes SO much!! I'd known about them for some time before we actually started going, and I am so glad we finally went! They get so excited to put on their little aprons and goggles and hammer away!

And Tabitha - well, what can I say. After the kids turned in their hammers and got their certificates and patches, we headed down to the garden area to get some seeds and sprinkler supplies. A few minutes later I realized Tabitha had something in her mouth (not unusual for her!). I told her to open her mouth and spit out whatever she had. She had been sucking and chewing on 4 or 5 little tiny 7/16" silver nails!! So that's what happened to the nails the kids needed to finish their project!!

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