Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Often Overheard

There is a new phrase that is one often overhears in our home.

"I'm gonna beat you up, guys!"

It is not said with malice or anger. No harm is intended.
And no, we don't suddenly have a big, bully of a teenager living with us.

Instead, it comes from the sweet little voice of our petite, sweet little angel.


Overheard at the dinner table - "I'm gonna beat you up, guys!"
and then when she has "beat us up" (finished her dinner before anyone else has finished):
"I beat you up, guys! I beat up Gabriella and William and Mommy and Daddy!
I beat you up, Dad!!"

Overheard at jammie time - "I'm gonna beat you up, Gabriella and William!" and off she runs to be the first one to have her jammies on, so that she can happily and proudly exclaim:

"I beat you up, guys!"


Christy said...

so cute! what a character.

Celeste said...

Your kids look so grown up now. How old is Tabitha. I thought our kids were all the same ages but It looks like maybe they are ahead of mine by a bit.